Upcoming Attack on Titan Live Action Movie

So just a few more days before the release of the live action movie of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin).

So here are the schedule of the release dates:
USA – 14 July 2015 (Hollywood, California) (premiere)
Japan – 1 August 2015
Canada – 4 August 2015 (Fantasia International Film Festival)
Philippines – 12 August 2015
Hong Kong – 13 August 2015
Macao – 13 August 2015
Singapore – 13 August 2015
Australia – 25 August 2015

(Source: IMDB)

I noticed that some new characters are in the live action film or they’re from the manga ( I don’t know because I haven’t red the manga yet). However, there is one popular character that is missing, well I guess you guys know who he is, it’s Levi.
Levi Ackerman is the most powerful soldier and he is also the leader of the elite squad in the Survey Corps. Why isn’t he one of the characters for the live action movie, he’s one of the important characters though.

I have red in some articles that the storyline of the live action movie of Attack on Titan will focus more on Eren and Mikasa. So the storyline will receive some minor or major changes. Ok, here is a really weird change to the story. Mikasa will be featured more as a love interest (wat? she is Eren’s sister). I don’t know why that happened but really, wat?

The Attack on Titan film will have two parts. Part one of the Attack on Titan film will be released on August 1 in Japan, and the scheduled dates of release for other countries which are stated above my blog, and the part two will be released on September 19.

Many fans are already disappointed because they won’t be able to see the popular character in the film (Levi). But let’s just see on what will be the outcome of the live action movie of Attack on Titan, whether if it will be good or bad.


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