Unravel (Acoustic Version) – TK from 凛として時雨

This is the acoustic version of the opening of Tokyo Ghoul from season 1. It was played on the last episode of Tokyo Ghoul Root A. The scene where “you know who gets”, I guess you all know what happened to that certain “you know who”.

If you read the manga of Tokyo Ghoul you will realize that the lyrics of this song fits the manga perfectly. I mean the lyrics perfectly fit and describes the life of Kaneki Ken.

The feels of this version were too strong compared to the original. I liked the original version because of the epic music and singing, but I also liked this version because it gives a really strong emotion and somewhat kind of a depressing feeling.

If you would carefully hear (read the lyrics because it’s japanese) the message of the song. You would ask, “Why did all these things happened to Kaneki?” He’s just a normal person then in just one happening, his life changed forever.

If you would be put in Kaneki’s situation, would you be able to continue on living? Are you prepared to lose your humanity in order to protect the ones which mean a lot to you? Or are you prepared to become a monster just to protect your friends and your family?


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