God Eater, Episode 1 First Impression

This is it, made by the same producer of Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, ufotable, comes another anime that we should really look forward for this season, God Eater.

When I got home from school yesterday, I forgot that the first episode was already subbed. I only found out that it was aired with subtitles when I am browsing through my facebook account. So, yeah even though my body is really exhausted I decided to watch it.

The animation was really different. I mean really really different from other anime, but the fight scenes were awesome. The sound effects were really good too, I mean, everytime there’s a fight scene, there’s an awesome soundtracks being also played making it more epic. Who doesn’t like epic soundtracks that gives you the chills?

Ok, so I noticed something on the story. I think it was a bit fast paced, but I guess it would be ok since it’s only the starting episode. I think God Eater currently has 13 episodes to be aired but I hope even though it’s a really short season, it would be a really good one.

Let’s move to the God Arcs (the only weapons capable of harming an Aragami). The God Arcs were well detailed and it looks really awesome. I think I would like to wield a weapon like this someday.

Ok, now some short review for the characters of this anime. Utsugi Lenka is the main protagonist of God Eater. He shares an ambition similar to Eren Jaeger on Attack on Titan. It’s to kill Aragamis. Well, I understand why he desperately want to kill Aragamis because the first episode gave us a few hints on what happened during his past life.

They also introduced the 1st unit squad in the first episode, which is they’re also considered as main characters of God Eater. Sakuya Tachibana, Soma Schicksal, and of course Lindow Amamiya are the members of the 1st unit squad. Kota Fujiki also had an appearance in the first episode, he is the friend of the protagonist, Utsugi Lenka. Some other characters were introduced but I’m not gonna write them all here because there’s a lot of character introduced in the 1st episode.

Ok, so overall I think it’s a great start. The animation, the sound effects, the voice acting were awesome and I’m looking forward for the next episodes of God Eater.


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