God Eater Episode 1 Delayed by One Week

The official website for ufotable’s upcoming anime adaptation of Bandai Namco’s God Eater series has announced that the premiere of the series’ first episode has been delayed by one full week. Instead of the first episode on July 5th, a special broadcast will be shown instead.

The first episode of the God Eater anime will be delayed by one week, from its scheduled broadcast on July 5th on Tokyo MX at 10:30pm JST to July 13th at the same time and place. On July 5th a special broadcast will be aired titled God Eater Extra. The reason for the delay is that the production staff felt that the episode was not up to the quality that they would deliver. A similar incident occurred when the pre-screening of the first episode was cancelled, citing issues with production schedules as the reason.

(Source: Haruhichan Network)

Ok, I’m guessing why they delayed the first episode of God Eater. I guess it’s because of the quality. I’m not saying that the quality was crappy or something, but I guess they ran out of budget or something like, the viewers not liking the style of animation the producers made.

Well, when I watched the trailer, it was ok in my opininion but I guess some people didn’t like the change of animation. The animation quality has a more glossy look compared to other anime. So the animation quality of the trailer of God Eater is really really different and not the same from the other anime.

I’m still really hyped for this upcoming anime adaptation because the game of this upcoming anime adaptation has been one of my favorite played games on my PSP.


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