Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the seventh installment in the Silent Hill survival horror series. Shattered Memories is a stand-alone re-imagining of the original Silent Hill for the Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, developed by Climax Studios and published by Konami.

Shattered Memories is set in a different universe that is separate from the main canon. This includes the story, characters, relations and locations. According to producer Tomm Hulett, “It’s not a remake or a port. That’s an important distinction. It really feels like a new game.” It is not meant to replace the original Silent Hill.

I remember playing this game when I was child. This was my first time playing a horror game in my PSP when I was a child. So I was so scared to play this game, I can’t even get past on the intro part . But I decided to continue playing the game and I eventually conquered my fear. This is where I started to like playing horror games when I was still a child.

Well the concept of this game is survival horror. Which means you have to survive the monsters that will go after you, and the scariest part is you aren’t allowed to use weapons, so if you are spotted by the monster, it’s either you die or you escape them.

This is the first of the Silent Hill game series that I ever played, the second is Silent Hill: Origins. I really like to play the other Silent Hill games from the consoles but i don’t own a game for the console (but I do own an Xbox).

So I did a little research and got to know the story of Silent Hill even if I didn’t play the whole game franchise. So, basically I just spoiled myself, well not really really spoiled because I just researched on the basic information.

Well if you want to play a horror game, you can play this game if you like. It’s a nice start if you’re new to playing survival horror games.


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