Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) vs. Tokyo Ghoul (Manga)

“I am not the one who’s wrong. What’s wrong is the world.” -Kaneki Ken

Tokyo Ghoul (Tokyo Guru) is a manga (japanese comics) series by Sui Ishida. It was serialized in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump between September 2011 and September 2014 and has been collected in fourteen tankobon volumes as of August 2014. A 12-episode anime television series adaptation by studio Pierrot aired on Tokyo MX between July and September 2014. Funimation has licensed the anime series for streaming and home video distribution in North America.

Let’s first start with the manga (japanese comics). Strange murders are happening in Tokyo. Due to liquid evidence at the scene, the police conclude the attacks are the results of ‘eater’ type ghouls. College buddies Kaneki and Hide come up with the idea that ghouls are imitating humans so that’s why they haven’t ever seen one. Little did they know that their theory may very well become a reality.

Ghouls can only eat human flesh and can’t eat foods that humans eat, human food tastes horrible for the ghouls. However, ghouls can drink coffee, reasons are still unknown why can they drink coffee. Maybe the author just likes to drink coffee LOL. A series of events happened making the protagonist of the story, Kaneki Ken, became a half-human/half-ghoul. He then must deal with life as a half-human/half-ghoul, including interacting with ghoul society and its conflicting factions, while striving to keep his identity secret from other humans.

The manga has an interesting and a good plot. Humans and ghouls fighting each other. Each of the characters have their own unique, personality. The character development are not rushed making you understand the characters as they start to change the more you read the story. The art is really good and the author keeps making art improvements as the story is released by chapters.

Tokyo Ghoul is not a usual story with normal people or normal places. It is rather a dark themed story, well the genre of the manga is actually a horror, action, drama and tragedy. So expect that the ending is not really acceptable. But it has a sequel which has a new story and a new plot from the original. It’s a nice change of pace if you want to read a unique and a good story. So I recommend reading the manga.

Now let’s start with the anime. So while I was browsing on which anime to watch I happened to stumble upon Tokyo Ghoul. A gave it a shot and watched the first episode and it was actually good. But it is still ongoing when I watched the first episode so I decided to read the manga. Every week a new episode is aired, it has 12 episodes in all. I noticed that a lot of scenes in the anime where skipped from the manga but it was quite enjoyable to watch. So alot of people got disappointed because the story is really rushed, but if it followed the manga it would be really good. The animation was good and also the sound effects and the voice actors did a great job portraying each character. The ending left has a major cliffhanger which made us wait for at least a few months for the next season to be aired.

Second season of Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul √A, Ok this season has a different story from the manga. Although some scenes of the anime came from the manga, the first episode had a new story. This sequel was really really rushed making the story really really confusing. I think this sequel is trying to say to us is that if we want a good, understandable story, go read the manga. Even though the story is confusing, the animation, sound effects were good and the voice actors did again a great job portraying each character. The ending again left us another huge cliffhanger which made us wait again for another months for the sequel to be aired.

So in this review, I recommend that you first read the manga before the anime. The manga has at least I think 120+ chapters (20+ pages each chapters). So it will really take a long time but you will enjoy reading it.


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